LPD Interactive Launches Knight Runner on App Store and Google Play

knight runner for iphone, ipad, iPod touch and android devices

Collect coins, save the princess.

LPD Interactive today announced that Knight Runner, an 8-bit style 3D endless runner, is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Free to download, Knight Runner puts players in an 8-bit world of yesteryear to see how good their reflexes are as they try to avoid fire breathing dragons on their way to save the princess. With endless gameplay, players collect coins and powerups as they jump, slide and run to escape the evil knights who’ve kidnapped the princes.

Knight Runner’s endless runner style gameplay features 8-bit style graphics, challenging obstacles, and powerups all in a 3D world from the yesteryear. The game is set in the times of knights and valor, bad guys and black horses. The time of captured princesses waiting for their knight in shining armor. And while there is no shining armor, Knight Runner does have a really awesome white horse powerup that when collected turns the player into a noble steed.

Knight Runner Game Features:

  • Simple swipe controls that are easy to use
  • Unlock powerups and level up your character
  • 3D running, turning, jumping and sliding!
  • Play two different levels

With a quick swipe right or left to avoid obstacles horizontally and a swipe up or down to slide or jump over and under fire-breathing dragons, Knight Runner challenges players to avoid certain death and save the princess and inevitably save the kingdom from evil.

Knight Runner, an 8-bit style 3D runner, is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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