Swipe to Complete with Mobile To-Do List App Adoo

Introducing the free Adoo to-do list and task manager, the simple mobile to-do app that gets things done with the swipe of your finger for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Ditch the checkmark and swipe your to-do’s to the left to complete or to the right to do later.

When I started out to make the new mobile to-do list app Adoo, I wanted something simple enough to use that I spent the least amount of time in the app and more time actually finishing my to-do’s. Productivity was the ultimate goal. Secondly, I wanted to ditch the checkmark or tick. It’s been used since the Romans and to be honest, I feel like to-do lists are all the same so that’s why I added in a really cool swipe-to-done function.

Before I get into that, I want to thank my wife Ashley for always giving me to-do’s, my brother and business partner Daniel, and friend’s and beta testers Jason, Chelsea and Dara. Of course, it all couldn’t have been done without Robert and Dimitri over at Battery Powered Games.

Instead of checking something off your to-do list, you swipe it to the left to complete and swipe right to do later. It’s a fluid motion and kind of fun to swipe your to-do’s away. The Adoo tagline “Say Adieu to your to-do’s” is quite witty, right? Before I pat myself on the back too much, the productivity app is not about being witty, it’s just about being useful. Here are a few features I think you’ll like:

  • Swipe-to-done: As mentioned above, enter your to-do’s and complete them by swiping them to the left, which reveals a green slider with a white checkmark. Awww, it’s easy being green. Sorry Kermit.
  • Swipe to do later: If you have items that don’t necessarily need to be done now, the swipe them to the right to do next or swipe even further to do later.
  • Set reminders: If you have a hard date on which a to-do needs to be done, just add a notification to remind yourself later so it pops up on your mobile device. This is great for when you need to pick up the kids (don’t be that parent that forgets to pick up your kids …) or for reminding yourself to pick up a card for mom’s birthday.
  • Prioritize: There are a few ways to prioritize … either set “now,” “next” or “later” when you create a to-do list from the pop-up menu after pushing done, swipe the task to the right if you’ve already created the to-do, or simple tap and hold the to-do to rearrange it from top to bottom, bottom to top or right in the middle. By default,
  • Color coding: Categorize your to-do’s by color … green for finances, purple for home, red for office, etc.
  • Take a picture: Ever been to the grocery store and forget what brand of soap your spouse told you to get? Don’t want to call to sound insensitive for forgetting? Just snap a photo and pull it up at the store and you’ll be a hero.
  • Uncomplete Tasks: Accidentally swiped to complete a task? Tap the menu button in the upper left and then tap on completed items to move it back. You can also completely delete all of your completed items from this list.

Get the free Adoo to-do list and task manager on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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